My name is Benjamin Wong and this is my personal website. Feel free to take a look around to learn more about me!

As a side note, the site's content is a tad outdated as I'm working on a new layout for my site!




  • CSCE 315: Programming Studio Fall 2018
  • CSCE 462: Microcomputer Systems Fall 2018
  • ECEN 454: Digital Integrated Circuit Design Fall 2018
  • CSCE 313: Intro to Computer Systems Spring 2018
  • ECEN 350: Computer Architecture & Design Spring 2018
  • CSCE 221: Data Structures & Algorithms Fall 2017
  • ECEN 248: Intro to Digital System & Design Fall 2017
  • CSCE 222: Discrete Structures for Computing Spring 2017
  • CSCE 121: Introduction to Program Design & Concepts Spring 2017


  • Texas A&M University - College Station, TX 2016-2020
  • DeBakey High School - Houston, TX 2012-2016

More About Me

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas so you already know I'm a big foodie. I'm currently a senior at Texas A&M and pursuing Computer Engineering. I've always been interested in designing and developing things from mini video games to web applications.

I love expanding my programming and problem solving skills, looking for any chance to learn more and create things.

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